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7 Jul 2017
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How Bathroom Remodeling Increases Home Values


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Posted By Chuck P.

For many people that are purchasing a home there are some projects that they want to complete within the first few months of moving in. One of the more common alterations to a house that people make is undertaking a bathroom renovation. Understanding that many homes throughout Chicago have been built a few decades ago there is good reason for homeowners to complete a Chicago bathroom remodeling project. Stripping down the tiles and replacing the sink and countertops is a common practice of homeowners that are looking for an updated style to their bathroom. While the addition of subway tiles and new fixtures can greatly improve the look and function of a renovation project there are some people that prefer to go all out when redesigning their Chicago bathroom remodeling project.

With the ability to expand a bathroom by taking out a non retaining wall and adding some more space to the often cramped smaller bathrooms, Chicago homeowners are able to completely redo their bathroom to include a number of features that their house did not have when they first moved in. being able to separate the shower and bathtub as well as having enough space to add dual vanity sinks and countertops to the their Chicago home renovation a number of homeowners are finding that they can create their ideal bathroom and master suite by taking out a bedroom that they have no need for. Expanding their master suite and bath to make it a more comfortable and cozy place to rest and relax in there are some homeowners that are bringing in more luxurious amenities such as a whirlpool tub to make their bathing more enjoyable.

With all of the options that are available to Chicago residents that are looking for a way to create a home that is well suited to their needs and comfort there are many people who make the decision to change and improve their Chicago home. Renovation experts that can help with the design and contracting work to transform a dull and dingy bathroom into a luxurious place where a person can enjoy spending their time cleaning up. Working to create the most sophisticated and comfortable additions to any Chicago bathroom remodeling project, contractors are helping people that are buying a house to create the perfect living environment. With the addition of a custom designed bathroom suite many people are enjoying the increase in their home's value as they are able to transform a 50 year old bathroom into a showplace that any homeowner can be proud of.

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By Chris G. on JUL 11 2017 @ 6:08PM

It's not just the value of the home too, it's the overall Wow factor, and it can be just what you need to get the right buyer interested.

By Wilbert D. on JUL 11 2017 @ 12:10PM

Every time I do a project with the house I learn a little bit more, so I'm all for doing a remodel of any kind.

By Luke R. on JUL 10 2017 @ 9:10AM

If you expand to make a new bathroom, just make sure you doing according to building codes and plan accordingly.

By Van K. on JUL 9 2017 @ 5:22PM

Do it yourself, and you'll spend way less, and get a lot more.

By Max O. on JUL 8 2017 @ 9:10AM

Plus, don't you want to live in a house with a great bathroom regardless of whether you sell it or not?

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