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9 Jul 2017
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Use Themes to Produce a Stunning Bathroom


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Posted By Ashley R.

Some families just accept the bathroom as a functional space not worthy of time and effort. Yet, a few improvements to the room that everybody uses and nearly every guest sees can add life to this overlooked room of the house. You would like to decorate the bathroom, but at the same time you would like to keep things simple. However, you are not sure how you want the bathroom to look, so you would like some ideas for decorating the bathroom.

Decorating Tips

There are a lot of different ways to decorate your bathroom, but sometimes it's difficult to choose only one bathroom decorating idea. If your decorating ideas include furniture, accessories and other expensive decorations, make sure to mix and match the items before placing all of your chosen items in the room. While you may think that an item can give life to the bathroom, it may not complement other items when placed next to the vanity mirror, medicine cabinet or side table.

Something that many people make the mistake of doing is choosing to decorate their bathrooms with several different kinds of patterns. For example, the walls have one kind of pattern, while the towels have another and the shower area yet another. Having too many patterns in a bathroom can become a confusing look, so a bathroom decorating tip is to decide on no more than two patterns for the bathroom, and make sure that they match each other.

Some Theme Ideas

You can bring in the look of the rest of the house for coordination purposes, or you can come up with a bathroom decorating theme that is altogether unique from the rest of your home's style. For instance, if you love the beach, you can have a beach theme in your bathroom. Try a sandy colored paint or a light blue, like the sky, and add a single picture or two to help support the theme.

Keep in mind that no matter what type of bathroom decorating theme you select, it is a good idea to keep your floors, walls and countertops neutral, and push the theme with the accents and accessories. That way, if you find out how you like the beach one year but prefer an English garden the next, you will be able to transform your room with minimal cost and effort.


For people who like gadgets, following the futuristic bathroom decorating trend can be easily achieved with some very tech-savvy items; some of these items are the automatic bath, nifty shower heads, and even a smart toilet. The automatic bath will fill the bath tub to the correct level and temperature, plus it will provide 10 second refill cycles to keep the temperature and depth perfect.

Any amount of different shower heads are available including the adjustable shower heads and double showers. The adjustable shower is on a metal arm which will adjust from around 48 inches to over 56 inches. The double shower head provides two separate jets of water at different levels for the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

Most ingenious of all is the smart toilet. Its creators say it could save marriages, that might not be far from the truth; this potty is so clever it automatically closes the seat and cleans it self after every use. The smart toilet is tank-less, heats the seat, provides a gentle warm water spray, and warm air drying to make personal hygiene futuristic in its own right. More remarkable, the toilet is smart enough to lift its lid for you when you approach.

Oasis of Calm

However, maybe your personal style runs the opposite direction, and you want the bathroom to be a calming place. To create a calm oasis for yourself, start by decorating the bathroom with lighter colors. Lighter colors make the bathroom appear to have more space. Also, lighter colors can often modify a person's mood. Use pale shades of earth tones, blues, greens, rose and lilac shades in your accessories. If you do not have an allergy to it, keep the theme of the bathroom being a calming place by adding lavender scents to the bathroom. This can be in the form of decoration, or it can be in the form of various kinds of soap. Decorate with natural materials such as rattan and stone, and add real or fake plants.

Decorating Kids Bathrooms

Kids' bathrooms can be dolled up in everything from a wonders of the sea theme to a pretty bathroom that is fit for a princesses. If you are on the lookout for a bathroom decorating theme for your children's bath, begin by asking them what they would like to look at every day. Is your house filled with a host of sports fans? Or would a favorite book theme suit your crew better? Some popular children's themes include fantasy gardens, ducks, fish, and jungle themes. Themed accessories such as towels, shower curtains, rugs, toothbrush holders and so on are easy to find. Stencils or stamps will add the character details.

Following contemporary bathroom decorating trends while maintaining individual taste and style can be achieved with a little research and great imagination. Hunt through some stores or catalogues to see what bathroom decorating themes might be readily available. There are any number of items available in any taste and with any theme a person may have in mind. Building on these ideas are sure to help anyone create the bathroom of their dreams. However, if you do decide to indulge in some fresh decorating ideas for the bathroom, be prepared to want to spend even more time inside!

Comments (7)

By Ken P. on JUL 13 2017 @ 2:13PM

A bamboo theme for example would be a good one.

By Gilbert B. on JUL 13 2017 @ 7:01AM

Granite theme.

By Pam L. on JUL 12 2017 @ 4:00PM

I'd like to do a beach theme, that would be easiest probably too in my bathroom since it's already white and light blue.

By Claire C. on JUL 12 2017 @ 2:20PM

I'm all for being able to transform it at minimal cost. I'm the type of person that doesn't necessarily want to stick with the same thing year after year.

By Faye M. on JUL 11 2017 @ 8:00PM

You could go for like an Asian spa thing with asian looking lamps and bamboo plants and stuff, that would be really nice.

By Marguerite R. on JUL 11 2017 @ 7:01PM

Modern is actually one of the easier styles to go for since it's kinda minimalistic to start with.

By Belinda A. on JUL 11 2017 @ 1:23PM

Make it easy on yourself and go with whatever the colors and style already seem to point toward.

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