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30 Jun 2017
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Planning For Your Bathroom Design


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Posted By Bobbie F.

Bathrooms are private spaces. Frankly speaking that is the place where no one dares to disturb us. Nowadays, Bathrooms are very elegant, sensual and most importantly sophisticated. So, it forms a prime place of importance in the house. Your bathrooms can be given a modern look with a smarter approach with a little money to invest by planning well, Oxford bathroom planners. Here are a few tips that will go well for designing a bathroom of your desires.
A perfect planning requires a little bit of research. There are multitude of software to design a bathroom. The dimensions of bathroom, fixtures that need to be incorporated, flooring and wall décor, and other accessories need to be well planned for an overall grandeur. If your bathroom does not look as per your desires, there are many agencies Oxford bathroom renovation sydney who take over the task and renovate the bathroom to the perfection you want.
There are large numbers of Oxford bathroom showrooms all over Australia. They host a large number of choices with respect to flooring, wall décor and fixtures. Wood may be your favourite but choosing wood for bathroom flooring is not a smart choice. Use a ceramic or stone tile or grooved marble, also ensure that the surface texture is a little rough and not slippery. Also, when it comes to floorings, the installations should be perfect. In case the tiles are not placed as per the geometry or along the line, it leads to crack formation and leakage.
The walls in bathrooms are the border and they shall be chosen to be elegant and decent. Taps, sinks, toilet, bathtub, shower are must have fixtures Oxford Sydney bathroom vanity units in your bathroom. If you want a luxurious and hygienic bathroom, having a hand dryer and tissue dispenser is also good. Nowadays, people are more health conscious and have installed disinfectant and antiseptic dispensers along with the dryers. The choice of fixtures is entirely yours and depends on personal priorities. You can have a bathtub or just a shower, or else you also can have a fancy shower resembling a monsoon.

Comments (9)

By Delbert T. on JUL 3 2017 @ 2:23PM

I didn't know how easy it was to replace my shwer floor basin, but it wasn't bad at all.

By Nick G. on JUL 3 2017 @ 9:09AM

Some bathrooms have a separate small room for the toilet, because sitting on the toilet in a big bathroom can feel a little wierd.

By Annie S. on JUL 3 2017 @ 8:09AM

All the effort will pay off when you can walk into that new room.

By Faye M. on JUL 2 2017 @ 6:18PM

The problem with free standing bath tubs is that they're always too tall and hard to get into.

By Eric G. on JUL 2 2017 @ 12:13PM

I actually like my rather small bathroom, makes it feel private.

By Betsy P. on JUL 2 2017 @ 6:05AM

If you look around at some popular designs online, you can get some good inspiration.

By Tabitha S. on JUL 1 2017 @ 9:10PM

What's better for privacy, frosty glass or windows with blinds?

By Ramiro R. on JUL 1 2017 @ 1:20PM

Yes, wood is definitely not good for a bathroom floor, tile and ceramic is much better.

By Courtney R. on JUL 1 2017 @ 12:00PM

Planning really is everything.

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