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29 Jun 2017
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Qualities That Define The Best Toilet


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Posted By Earl W.

The best toilet may be a public rest room, for instance, in a hotel, airport or restaurant. Alternatively, it may be a fixture in a family bathroom. When trying to decide which is really top notch, there are a number of qualities to consider.

First and foremost, a public washroom has to be scrupulously clean. It should be checked by staff regularly and there should be a record of inspections posted prominently, with the time and initials of the staff member who inspected it. There should be facilities for washing and drying hands. These are the basics.

There should be plenty of soap. Liquid soap is far more hygienic than bar soap. Ideally, the liquid soap dispenser will be automatic, eliminating the need to even touch the container. However, very few public facilities go this far, apart from maybe expensive hotels and restaurants. In a perfect world, switching on the water for hand washing would be automatic, perhaps with a motion sensitive control. Some trains in Europe and the United Kingdom are thus equipped.

In the late 20th century, a professional nursing journal published a report on the most hygienic method of drying hands. They compared cloth rolls, air dryers and paper towels. The rotating cloth rolls have obvious pitfalls when the roll runs out, forcing people to make do with a less than pristine section of towel. Electric hand dryers were found to pick up bacteria from the hands and recirculate them through the blower. The report concluded that paper towels were the cleanest and most economical.

The perfect washroom will have additional touches. Vending machines, flowers, air fresheners all give the facility an extra touch. Decor is also important. It should be up to date while preserving any unique fixtures and fittings. Public toilets at airports sometimes flush automatically. This can be disconcerting to the uninitiated.

For the all important throne, it must be plumbed in properly and not get blocked when flushed. A well-fitting lid is also essential. The seat fitting should be easily cleaned and maintained. For the truly discerning, it is actually possible to find toilet seats that are padded, heated and even gold-plated seats.

The perfect toilet is different things to different people. At the very least, it must be clean, functional, comfortable and private. A good mirror is also an essential piece of equipment. Extra touches like intriguing artwork or decor make good talking points.

Comments (6)

By Janet D. on JUL 3 2017 @ 10:23AM

put a brick or two in your water tank, and you'll save money every time you flush.

By Jackie K. on JUL 2 2017 @ 10:22AM

I saw some toilets at Detroit airport with plastic covers around the seats that rotate and replace themselves automatically. It was so much easier than trying to use the seat paper cover.

By Henry C. on JUL 1 2017 @ 9:04AM

Heated seats are awesome. I used one in a Japanese restaurant one time.

By Norbert O. on JUN 30 2017 @ 9:22PM

If you think about the cost savings though, and the obvious eco friendly factor of air dryers, they're a pretty attractive option.

By Earnest T. on JUN 30 2017 @ 4:12PM

I hate it when toilets are way too tall for me.

By Cecilia B. on JUN 30 2017 @ 6:12AM

I had no idea that air dryers can recirculate bacteria, but maybe they're getting better.

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